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Tips For Buying Eyewear That You Intend To Use For Sports

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If you're an avid athlete and you wear glasses, it's generally a good idea to invest in a pair of glasses to wear when you're active, as it will help prevent the glasses that you wear on a daily basis from getting damaged. Even if you don't play a contact sport, it's worthwhile to choose your sports glasses carefully, as there's always a chance that a projectile or a fellow athlete could inadvertently make contact with your glasses. If you pick the right features, though, you won't have to worry about your eyewear sustaining major damage. Here are some tips to help you pick the right glasses for playing sports.

Upgrade To Shatterproof Lenses

You want to be sure that the lenses of your glasses will not shatter if they're bumped by a person or a ball while you're playing sports. Basic-level lenses can indeed break, so make sure that you upgrade to shatterproof lenses. You should opt for this upgrade not only with your glasses in mind; the last thing you want is for your lenses to break so close to your eyes, as you could sustain a serious injury. Many eyewear stores will offer this upgrade for people who are active.

Consider Non-Removable Nose Pads

There are generally two styles of glasses where the nose pads are concerned. Some glasses have removable nose pads that can be taken off by an eyecare professional and replaced, while others have fixed nose pads that are part of the frames. The latter is generally better for sports enthusiasts for a couple reasons. First, if you bump your glasses when they have removable nose pads, the nose pads will get bent. It can be difficult to put them back to their original position, which can mean the glasses will fit poorly and possibly be uncomfortable. Additionally, when you sweat profusely with removable nose pads, which are customarily clear, they can get discolored and require replacing.

Add UV Coating

If your chosen sport takes place outdoors, it's useful to add UV coating to your lenses. This won't actually darken the lenses in the same manner as sunglasses but will filter out some of the sun's rays. The result can be less strain on your eyes and less of a need for squinting when you're playing your sport when the sun is bright. This coating upgrade is conventionally offered by eyewear stores and can help to protect your eyes — especially if you play sports outdoors frequently.

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