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Buying Glasses Online Is A Solid Option For The Budget And Fashion Conscience

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Depending on where you go, the selection of prescription eyeglass frames to choose from may be quite limited. Also, vision insurance plans vary greatly in their coverage towards a new pair of glasses. One option to both broaden your options and minimize financial strain is to try an online eyeglass retailer. There are a few differences in shopping for glasses on the Internet, so it's important to have the necessary information ready in order to buy prescription eyewear online.

Obtain a Current Eyeglass Prescription

In order to make your new pair of glasses, online retailers require you to have a prescription to make the lenses. Sites will either ask for this information and contact your eye doctor to verify it, or you will be able to upload a copy of the printed prescription with the doctor's signature. This will ensure the lenses will correct your vision properly. When entering this information online, note that "OD" means right eye and "OS" is for the left eye.

Get a Pupillary Distance Measurement

One important part of the prescription is the pupillary distance. This is the measurement taken from the center of the eye pupil to the bridge of the nose. Sometimes this is given as one number with the total distance, but it is possible to have two different measurements, so it's best to have the measurement of each pupil to the nose. Many eye doctor offices will measure this for their patients at little or no cost upon request, but websites and apps are available to do this yourself if needed.

Find Your Ideal Eyeglass Frame Size

With a prescription in-hand, the next step is to choose frames. There are three parts to an eyeglass frame size:

  • The first number indicates the lens diameter
  • The second number is the nose bridge width
  • The last number is the side temple length

Frames usually have the size imprinted inside one side of them, so you may wish to look at your current pair of glasses or try some on at the eye doctor to get an idea of which sizes fit the best.

Try Them on at Home

Some companies offer the opportunity to try on several frames before purchase. This is a no-obligation opportunity to see how they will look and fit on you. Note that your credit card information will be on file, and the frames should be returned by mail promptly to avoid any extra charges.

After ordering, most prescription glasses arrive quickly, and some companies may offer expedited shipping options if necessary. Buying glasses online is a budget-friendly option with a wide range of frames. Make an appointment for a glasses prescription at a Prescription Glasses shop in St Johns.