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Buying Glasses Online Is A Solid Option For The Budget And Fashion Conscience

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Depending on where you go, the selection of prescription eyeglass frames to choose from may be quite limited. Also, vision insurance plans vary greatly in their coverage towards a new pair of glasses. One option to both broaden your options and minimize financial strain is to try an online eyeglass retailer. There are a few differences in shopping for glasses on the Internet, so it’s important to have the necessary information ready in order to buy prescription eyewear online. Read More»

4 Things You Need To Know About Blocked Tear Ducts

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Your tear ducts are the tubes that allow tears to drain out of your eyes. Sometimes, these tubes can become clogged or blocked, and this can lead to vision problems. Here are four things you need to know about blocked tear ducts.  What are the signs of blocked tear ducts? When your tear ducts are blocked, tears can’t drain out of your eyes properly. Since your tears can’t drain through the ducts, they’ll accumulate in your eyes, leading to watery eyes. Read More»

Most Common Reasons For Itchy Eyes

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Do you find you often have itchy eyes? If you suffer from itchy eyes, you’ll want to learn about the common causes so you can take preventative measures to avoid itchy and irritated eyes in the future. This article will go over some of the most common reasons many people find they get itchy eyes. Itchy eyes with pain, light sensitivity, redness and drainage If you have itchy, red, painful eyes that are also accompanied by light sensitivity and a discharge, then there is a good chance that you have a condition called conjunctivitis. Read More»

Lasik Eye Surgery: Exploring The Pros And Cons

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If you are tired of relying on eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision problems, Lasik eye surgery may allow you to eliminate the need for these corrective lenses. This is because Lasik surgery works to reshape your cornea and therefore correct vision problems including near sightedness, far sightedness, and astigmatisms. While Lasik will prove extremely beneficial for many people, this treatment option will not be right for everyone. This is because like all treatment options, Lasik has both pros and cons which must be considered. Read More»