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Four Reasons To Switch From Glasses To Contacts (Other Than Looks)

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If you want to show off your natural beauty or look more fashionable, switching from glasses to contacts is a great idea. However, an improvement in your appearance is not the only benefit you'll experience when you make the switch. Here's a look at four other reasons it's a good idea to switch from glasses to contacts.

You'll have side vision.

You know how you can't see clearly when you look to the side, rather than straight through your glasses? For some people, this is just a minor annoyance that forces them to turn their head rather than just glance to the side. For others, however, this lack of clear side vision can lead to headaches. Your eyes get tired of seeing a clear image up front, but a cloudy one to the side. With contacts, your vision will be as good to the side as it is to the front. This means no more turning your head and no more headaches.

There's a lower risk of facial injuries.

If you're wearing glasses and get hit in the face (either on purpose or by accident, such as during a sporting event), the glasses can break, cutting your face. They can even dig into your face, causing bruises. This is not an issue with contacts. If you get slapped or hit, you might be a bit sore -- but your injuries will likely be less severe than if you were wearing glasses.

If contacts become damaged, you can just grab another set.

If your glasses break, you'll have to pay to replace them -- and a pair can be pretty expensive! If your contacts tear or otherwise become damaged, you can just reach into your drawer and grab another pair. Depending on the type of contacts your eye doctor recommends, you'll pay around $22 - $26 for a box of 6 contacts, so you don't suffer a huge financial loss if you damage one or two now and then.

Contacts don't fog up.

Are you tired of having to always wipe the condensation off your glasses when you go from a warm to a cold place, or when it's humid outside? Contacts eliminate this issue. They never fog up, so you can have clear vision in all weather.

While contacts are a great choice for many people, they are not for everyone. Consult with your optometrist to determine if your eyes are healthy enough for contacts.