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Ways To Prepare For Lasik Eye Surgery

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If you want to have the highest quality of life, you'll want to be able to see your best. However, it's possible your vision may not be as good as it once was.  Getting older can have a drastic impact on how well you can see. You may want to consider getting Lasik eye surgery to help improve your eyesight. It's vital to prepare for this process to have the very best results.

Don't wear eye makeup

The last thing you'll want to do is apply mascara or eye shadow to your eyes before your appointment. It's vital to keep your eyes clean before getting Lasik surgery done.

It's also a good idea to discuss with your surgeon how long you should avoid wearing any eye makeup well after the operation.

Find a driver

You'll want to avoid trying to drive yourself home after this surgery. It's crucial to find a person that can drive for you once you've had Lasik completed.

It's ideal to ask a family member or a friend to do this for you because it will be impossible for you to see well enough to drive.

Skip the moisturizer

Do you use a variety of skin care and moisturizers on a routine basis? If so, these may drastically help your skin look younger and firmer.

However, the day of your operation, you'll want to avoid putting on any face creams. Doing so will be a waste of your time and product because it will be necessary to remove these.

Don't wear contact lenses

If you usually wear contact lenses to help you see, you'll need to put these aside for a day. It's important to switch to your eyeglasses on this crucial day.

Preventing as much irritation to your eyes as possible is the key to having success with your Lasik surgery. This means not putting anything in your eyes the day of your scheduled eye operation.

You can improve your vision a great deal when you take the proper steps to do so. However, if your vision impairment is severe, you'll need to take serious measures to get the results you want, and this may mean having Lasik surgery. Determining if you're a candidate for this procedure is the very first thing you'll want to do. Working with an optometrist in your area is the key to ensuring this surgery will work for you. For more information about Lasik surgery, contact companies like Cornea Consultants of Nashville.